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PS5 Sales Soar: Sony Announces 30 Million Units Sold, Shortage Now Over

Since its debut in November 2020, the PlayStation 5 has experienced several hurdles. The chip scarcity, like the epidemic, slowed sales. Despite the difficulties, the PS5 appears to be doing fairly well, with more than 30 million devices sold in the two years after its debut. If you’re Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, you’re probably keen to declare that the PS5 scarcity has ended. During the conference, he noted that “from this point on, everyone who wants a PS5 should have a lot easier time acquiring one at shops globally.”

Since the debut of the PS5, users have had an extremely tough time obtaining the system. Sony sold 17 million devices at launch, barely shy of the 20 million sold by its predecessor. Given all of Sony’s problems with the platform from the start, 30 million shipments is an outstanding amount. During the two-year period, many people who wanted to get their hands on the console had to hope that a merchant would have one in stock. Even recently, the easiest option to obtain the console was to buy a PS5 disc-drive combo that included a game. That’s not awful, but it’s not ideal if you were expecting to acquire the console’s digital edition, which is substantially cheaper.

Sony declared December to be the “highest month ever for PS5 console sales.” This is wonderful news, and perhaps it means that many more players will be able to get their hands on the platform they want to play on in 2023. While the PS5 still has a long way to go before breaking the sales record set by its predecessor, it appears that the system is now on course to go the additional mile.

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