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Power Play: SIE CEO Jim Ryan meets EU antitrust boss to defend Xbox’s Activision deal

One of the greatest news items of 2022 was Microsoft’s intention to buy Activision Blizzard. Over a year later, the transaction is still generating news as competitors and governments assess how the merger would affect the gaming industry, for better or worse. The newest development in this continuing lawsuit comes as news surface that Sony CEO Jim Ryan spoke with the EU’s antitrust body over the potential Microsoft-Activision Blizzard combination.

The story was first reported by Reuters, who cited an unidentified source. The EU has yet to publicly release a declaration in support or opposition to the merger, but it is widely assumed that they will deliver a “charge sheet” to Microsoft before the transaction is slated to be approved on April 26. That charge sheet, which would essentially be a warning that the merger will violate the block’s anti-competition regulations, might be issued within the next week.

Reuters’ source claimed to have personal knowledge of Ryan’s meeting with the EU’s antitrust committee, although the original article is lacking in details. The fact that the meeting is scheduled on January 25 might indicate that a charge sheet will be issued sooner rather than later. Meeting with Microsoft’s main rival was unavoidable, since the body would demand detailed details on how the transaction will affect the gaming sector in Europe and throughout the world. Given the multiple roadblocks, many investors are skeptical that the merger will be completed.

Sony has been among the most vocal opponents of the deal, which they fear would impair their capacity to compete in the console industry. If the EU does issue a warning to Microsoft on the Activision Blizzard merger, the business will face yet another significant obstacle before finalizing on the largest deal of its kind in gaming history. Already, the US Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit to halt the agreement, implying that the process will take years rather than months to complete.

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