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PlayStation 5 Ad Teases the Possibility of Uncharted 5: Are You Ready?

A new promotional trailer for forthcoming PlayStation 5 video games included a snippet from an undisclosed title, which many believe is the next Uncharted release. While there has been no confirmation of a continuation of the Uncharted franchise, it appears that it will return at some point, even if it means leaving its protagonist behind.

The mysterious footage appears in the “Live from PS5” advertising film, which is presently accessible on the official PlayStation YouTube account and includes a mix of live-action and CGI scenes in the form of a false news broadcast. This video is also the source of the mystery live-action Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trailer that just surfaced online. The footage from an unnamed game at 0:43, depicting a female carrying a torch as she explores a cave, is what makes this movie so unique.

Fans have tried to figure out where this film came from, but it doesn’t appear to be from any known PS5 game. This has led to suspicion that the footage is the first appearance of a new Uncharted game, either a new mainline entry following Cassie Drake, Nathan Drake’s daughter, or a spin-off following a new character in the spirit of Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

Naughty Dog has stated unequivocally that Nathan Drake’s time in the limelight is finished, but that there may be more Uncharted games in the future. While this new video is brief and its contents are uncertain, it appears to mirror the aesthetic of the Uncharted games and might be a little tease for the franchise’s PS5 debut. If Sony is providing hints about the game, it must be nearing completion and will most likely be revealed to the public at the upcoming State of Play event.

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