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Players Remain Frustrated with Overwatch 2’s Slow Updates and Poor Matchmaking

We’ve been playing Overwatch 2 for months and are still dissatisfied with the game’s matchmaking. Several people are still getting matched with people that are multiple skill classes ahead of them, resulting in highly lopsided matches. Fortunately, you should hear something on this front sooner rather than later.

We first discussed this topic over a month ago, but while Season 3 is a lot better experience than Season 2, matchmaking, particularly in Competitive, hasn’t changed much, if at all. Every day, there are lots of complaints on the Overwatch forums and Twitter chats, but the rise of matchmaking troubles appears to be as strong as ever, with some fully swearing off playing the ranked mode until it is corrected, while also noting how Quick Play isn’t much better. Situations such as this thread conversation, where everyone can relate to the majority of their matches being one-sided, are detrimental to Overwatch 2. Even those who are on the winning side are unhappy.

Enemy team DPS went 0-5 and was PLAT Overwatch 1; Meanwhile myself and my tank who is GM have 0 deaths on OASIS… This isn’t fair or fun for them at all. BLIZZARD PLEASE FIX YOUR MATCHMAKING. No one deserves this…— Nad (@Phyerx) February 19, 2023

As previously stated, the major issue is the wide disparity in ranked levels that are being combined. Overwatch 2 Game Director Aaron Keller tweeted last week that they had begun applying adjustments to address these issues, with more information to follow in an as-yet unannounced development blog post. Given how much of the debate this weekend has been about how bad the experience was, the “solutions” were insufficient.

For context we made several changes to matchmaking in S3. We’ll cover these and their impact(generally, really positive) in the next blog update. A byproduct of these changes was pulling gold players into GM lobbies. That’s what these fixes are targeted at.— Aaron Keller (@aaronkellerOW) February 15, 2023

Overwatch 2 is fueled by the competitiveness of its matchups. Blizzard has a history of taking too long to fix important hero balancing issues, and they appear to be doing the same here. While we appreciate their efforts in making Season 3 a significant enhancement for the game, we believe matchmaking should be their top priority right now. There is no future in a live service game if even winning isn’t pleasurable since the game is so incredibly unfair to play due to no fault of the player.

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