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Overwatch 2 Season 3 Unveils Exciting New Events, Including a Romance-Filled Dating Sim

Blizzard has unveiled their road map for Season 3 of Overwatch 2, which begins on Tuesday. Along with the new Antarctic Peninsula Control map, the game will be getting a few new events, the most notable of which is a dating sim dubbed Loverwatch.

While we do not yet know how Loverwatch will be handled, fans have been renowned for shipping numerous characters in Overwatch since the game’s inception. Mercy and Genji, Reinhardt and Ana, and others have all formed connections. We also know that Tracer has a girlfriend named Emily and that Soldier: 76 has a crush on Vincent. There might be some long-awaited fan service features, or the game will just be a Deathmatch mode that ignores these ties. Loverwatch begins on February 13, with a Cupid Hanzo skin available in the store the next day for Valentine’s Day.

The first Overwatch crossover event, with the One Punch Man cooperation, takes place in March, and soon after, Pachi Marchi introduces another new game mode for a limited period. Aside from those events, the Overwatch World Cup returns this month for esports enthusiasts, and a slew of new skins for the new battle pass and different bundles coming to the shop were showed off. This is a reminder that Overwatch Credits will be available again on the free and premium editions of the battle pass, and legendary skin costs are decreasing.

Mercy and Sigma will receive two new bee-themed skins as part of two new bundle packs that will be available in the marketplace. Mercy’s is known as the Starter Pack, and it includes money and the Honey Bee skin. Sigma’s is included in the Ultimate Battle Pass Pack, which includes tier skips, his Bee Catcher skin, and money for paying a higher price for the battle pass. With the Overwatch 2 team hard at work on numerous updates and new content, we are generally enthusiastic about Season 3, which should be a significant improvement over Season 2.

New Season = New Roadmap 🗺

Here’s everything you can expect to see in #Overwatch2 Season 3!— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) February 6, 2023

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