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Overwatch 2 Season 3: Get More Rewards with Free Credits and Affordable Skins

Blizzard has begun to reveal improvements to address one of the game’s greatest concerns from players, which is that it is not rewarding enough, in a blog post reviewing what transpired during Season 2 of Overwatch 2. When Season 3 launches next week, Overwatch Credits, formerly known as Legacy Credits, will be available to all players, regardless of whether they purchase the battle pass. During the season, free players may earn up to 1,500 Overwatch Credits, with premium battle pass users receiving an additional 500.

Along with the decision to give players a shot at free cash, the price of skins in the shop is decreasing. Legendary skins will be priced for 1,500 Overwatch Coins or Credits in the future. That is, simply playing the game next season will get you one free legendary skin. However, the phrasing of the blog post may imply that new skins put on sale will only be earnable with Coins, the paid-for currency, and that the free prizes are older skins that have already been in the game. Regardless, we are pleased to see this modification implemented.

To add to the news concerning skins, every epic or legendary skin that was previously limited to an annual event will be accessible at all times when Season 3 begins. You no longer need to wait for the Halloween Terror event to obtain Witch Mercy or Archives to obtain the earlier legend skins. If you missed any previous event skins, you may save your Credits and acquire them for free.

According to the blog, this is only the beginning of Blizzard’s aim to make Overwatch 2 seem more rewarding for players. They also stated that upcoming new events would include fresh material for everyone, a redesign of the on-fire system, and a hint at a new feature that will delve further into how well you master your heroes. After Season 2 was a major source of dissatisfaction for many players, it’s encouraging to see significant steps in incentives being taken to complement the competitive and matchmaking adjustments planned for the game’s future.

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