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Overwatch 2 Players Sound Off on Hated Battle for Olympus Event: Here’s Why!

Overwatch 2’s most recent update added the new Battle for Olympus event, one of the game’s first original events not found in the original game. This new event includes a number of tasks, incentives, and a free-for-all deathmatch game mode using Greek god-themed characters. But fans aren’t thrilled with this new Olympian-themed spectacular for a variety of Olympian-sized reasons.

One of the notable new elements from this one-of-a-kind event is a new FFA deathmatch mode, although some have criticized its balance. Over 2,000 people voted in a Reddit post dubbing the Olympus event “perhaps the worst event in Overwatch ever,” slamming the mode’s balance owing to the presence of characters like Roadhog and Junker Queen.

Another user, who called the event “a shame,” pointed out that the event skin is an old Mercy skin that has been in the game for a long time. Because this is Mercy’s Winged Victory skin, people who already have it will have little motivation to participate in the event. While it makes aesthetic sense, it is still an odd prize to pick.

Another frequent issue is the difficulty of the event tasks, which are all for subpar prizes like player titles. To obtain specific unique player titles, you must get 300 final blows on seven characters in this game mode. This implies you’ll need a total of 2,100 final blows to earn the Mercy skin. Furthermore, support heroes like as Lucio are in the mode, making this challenge much more difficult.

You can buy new skins from the game, but you’ll have to pay real money for them. This irritates players since the only free skin is one that is already available to them. One player referred to the event as a “skin showcase,” claiming that putting heroes like Lucio and Widowmaker in a game mode full of tanks “doesn’t make any sense.”

Blizzard has not commented on any plans to alter this event or the awards, but one thing is clear: people are dissatisfied with the Battle of Olympus.

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