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New Pokemon Unite Update: Lapras and Goodra make a splash with dazzling Holowear!

Pokémon Unite has recently added some significant new Pokémon to the lineup, including everyone’s beloved doggo Zacian, who was introduced just last month. The Pokémon Company is pushing forward at full pace, showing the next two additions to the smartphone game. Goodra and Lapras will make their Pokémon Unite début this spring, and they already have some cute Hologear to go with them.

Goodra will join the Pokémon Union lineup on March 16 for Battle Pass Season 14, which kicked off on March 2. Lapras will arrive later in April, though no further details have been released about the watery creature.

Goodra is expected to play the Melee Defender, and several adorable Holowear choices have already been unveiled. A circus ringleader option fits the current season’s theme, and a hooded jersey has also been shown off. Lapras will be dressed up in an elaborate hat and shawl to fit the motif. Sableye joins in the party with a creative jester outfit that suits the Pokémon’s attitude perfectly.

Pokémon Union is also hosting some fantastic activities right now. There is a Zacian’s Wield game to participate in and a Boss Rush option to check out. Fans can also use the code POKEMONDAY in Pokémon Unite right now to receive a complimentary gold Zacian boost symbol for use in combat. It will be valid until March 26th. In addition, an invitation-only league will be held on March 18 and 19 to determine the Asia area winners of the game.

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