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May Launch Unveiled: Redfall Developer Deep Dive Reveals Release Date

Redfall Developer Direct for Xbox
Today’s Xbox Developer Direct concluded with a playable walkthrough of Arkane’s Redfall. In addition to describing how gamers would escape Redfall from its vampire captives, the team revealed a release date: May 2.

The majority of the presentation demonstrated how players, either alone or in groups of up to three additional people, will rid Redfall of vampires neighborhood by neighborhood. You’ll seize safehouses in addition to acquiring information about the island and fulfilling side tasks like rescuing human prisoners. These serve as extra human headquarters, and acquiring more puts you closer to defeating the area’s reigning vampire underboss. These elite opponents have unique assaults that take your whole strength, as well as the efforts of your squad, to slay for good.

We also got to see vampire nests. These alien dwellings are powered by a massive heart, and penetrating one requires removing the heart from the body. Of course, swarms of vampires will try to stop you, but success triggers the collapse of a nest, so you’ll have to flee quickly. Arkane also demonstrated the Shroud opponent type, a vampire that can blanket regions in absolute darkness, shoot projectiles, and phase through floors to avoid danger. We also saw a few more of the heroes’ specific skills and upgrades, such as giving Layla’s umbrella the ability to absorb and fire incoming bullets.

At debut, Redfall will be accessible for Xbox Series X/S and PC, as well as on Game Pass.

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