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Mastering Strand Meditations in Destiny 2

Strand Meditations are a unique currency in Destiny 2 that you can acquire by performing tasks on Neptune. These are earned by finishing patrols, participating in public activities, and defeating foes on this world. It’s a money that accumulates as you advance through the Lightfall expansion and after beating it. These are used at a particular location that is disclosed after completing Lightfall. Here’s everything you need to know about Strand Meditations in Destiny 2.

How to use Strand Meditations in Destiny 2

Strand Meditations can only be used to buy Strand Pieces and Aspects. These will become available once you have completed the Lightfall Campaign and reached the conclusion of this update. As a result, the Hall of Heroes on Neomuna became the location where you could buy these enhancements and potent adds to your Strand subclass. These will boost your Strand power, granting you access to different enhancements and helpful abilities while your character is using Strand.

Your Strand Meditations can be submitted to the Pouka Stream in the Hall of Champions. You will meditate at this location and buy the different enhancements. These are comparable to how Ikora functions, but on The Tower, she only accepts Glimmer for your Light powers. You must go to the Pouka Pond every time you want to buy a new Face or Piece for Strand, and you must do this for each character you create in Destiny 2.

Strand Meditations don’t appear to have any other applications. You are not required to keep them, and they are not especially helpful outside of these purchases.

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