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Mastering Gold Ore Mining in Final Fantasy XIV

Gold Ore has been in Final Fantasy XIV since Patch 2.0 and has remained a key component of the game’s manufacturing system. It is used to make the Stonegold Ingot, which is used to make a number of housing objects such as the Leveilleur Estate Interior Wall, the Wooden Staircase Bookshelf, and the Fat Cat Wall Chronometer. It is also used in the production of Deepgold weaponry and Diaspore accessories. Here’s how to obtain Gold Ore in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where can I find Gold Minerals in Final Fantasy XIV?

Gold ore can be obtained in a number of ways. People with Miner Level 50 or higher can obtain it from the Level 50 Unspoiled Mineral Deposit at The Burning Wall, Eastern Thanalan (X: 28.2, Y: 22.4). The node shows only between 9AM and 12PM Eorzean Time, and you must have at least 353 Gathering and 332 Perception to mine the Gold Ore successfully. In order to find the node, you must also have Truth of the Mountains active.

Retainer Ventures are another method to obtain Gold Ore, but first players must invest in a Miner Retainer. A single Mining Venture can yield 6 Gold Ore, but the retainer must have a Gathering stat of 149 in order to acquire it. This is a fairly efficient method of gathering Gold Ore for players who do not want to wait for the node to spawn.

Gardening enthusiasts with extra Voidrakes will be able to trade them in for Gold Ore at the various Material Supplier housing vendors found throughout Eorzea’s housing districts.

Finally, Gold Ore can be obtained as a possible reward through Free Company Airship and Submarine voyages, though you are better off buying some off the Marketboard if you plan on sending your Airships and Submarines out on voyagers just to collect Gold Ore, as it is not a guaranteed drop.

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