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Mastering Co-op Multiplayer in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty with Friends

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty can be an extremely difficult game, but players don’t have to face it alone because they can summon companions to help them fight the enemies that wander ancient China. It’s possible to summon two other players for assistance in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, but this choice isn’t immediately accessible, and the player has to leap through a few irritating hurdles to do so.

How to Play Wo Long: Lost Empire Co-Op Multiplayer

Remember that co-op gameplay isn’t accessible at the start of Wo Long: Fallen Empire. To be able to play online with friends, the player must first beat the game’s first enemy, Zhang Liang, who can be extremely difficult, particularly since it is not possible to summon human companions to assist with his two frustratingly difficult stages. When Zhang Liang is vanquished, the co-op online mode will be unlocked.

Rest at one of the flags scattered throughout the arena to play co-op online in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. After defeating Zhang Liang, a new option named “Online Lobby” should appear on the interface, which contains the online options for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Wo Long Fallen Empire Game Menu
Selecting Online Room brings up three options: Recruit, Co-Op, and Attack. Selecting Co-Op from this option will bring up two more menus: Recruit Friends and Join co-op by specified passcode. If another user has made a game, select the second choice and enter the passcode they provided to access their instance.

Wo Long Lost Empire Co-Op Menu
Select Recruit to invite pals into your game, which will eliminate any computer-controlled NPCs from the stage. This will open a new menu where people can be invited either straight from their existing contact list or by making a password that can be sent to others. Before their companions come, the player can also change their loadout from this option, which includes modifying weapons, Wizardy powers, and selecting a Divine Beast.

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