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Madden 23 Cloud Save Disaster: EA Loses 60% of Players’ Progress

Madden 23 has been plagued by a slew of gameplay and server-related issues throughout its lifespan. That pattern persisted during the holidays, but the most recent malfunction may take the cake for being the worst to affect Madden 23 thus far. And if you try to access an online Franchise save file in the previous week, you might consider creating a new one.

This week, Madden 23 users who played online Franchise mode received an error message stating that leagues were unavailable. The problem was discovered to be a server fault. This flaw was detected on the 28th about 3:00 PM ET and lasted for around 10 hours. While the servers have been partially restored, many users who attempted to log in during the outage are no longer able to access their save files.

One of the Madden community managers offered an update on the matter in an earlier message on the EA forums. According to the Madden crew, this glitch damaged Franchise player save data. As of today, it is anticipated that this widespread infection has permanently corrupted the data of around 60% of the people that attempted to log in during this time period. As a result, such franchise files can no longer be stored and will no longer be saved.

It should be noted that anyone who did not log in during the outage on December 28 should not have had their files impacted.

Madden 23 gamers have faced a variety of troubles in recent months, including Franchise outages and a MUT gate earlier this year. This, however, appears to be the most serious issue that has arisen since the game’s release in August.

Aside from the Franchise issues, EA also tweeted today that it is aware of a malfunction that prevents some MUT players from entering the mode. This is not the only issue that has arisen in MUT this week, as some players have been unable to access gift prizes that were supposed to be unlocked on Christmas.

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