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Lost Ark’s Reset Bug: Fans Outraged over Compensation Package

Lost Ark seems to be doing more than just losing arks these days. Over the course of the past month the developers have managed to misplace a lot of fan support as well with quite a few controversial missteps. The game has still been going strong since its release, but as with most MMO’s, it is not peaking nearly as high as just after its launch. A recent bug that locks players out of daily and weekly activities has not done much to help retain players. Amazon Game Studios and Smilegate’s attempt to correct the problem with a “compensation package” has now drawn further disdain from disgruntled fans.

Impacted players were granted 21 Guardian Raid Rest Bonus Ticket, 21 Una’s Task +1, 60 Basic Life Energy Potion, Stronghold Energy (S), and a 30 Day Crystalline Aura. The developers also stated that it will be investigating each account individually and sending reset tickets based on individual circumstance and missed content. The reset tickets are also only sent to the player once every weekly reset because they have a seven day duration for use.

However, many players took to the discussion with indignation and resentment at such a sad reimbursement. It doesn’t help that the compensation package is only available to the main character on an account. A lot have also pointed out that the “compensation package” for the company’s mistake still forces those affected to play catch-up and work to earn a lot of the rewards that they have lost out on.

The reset bug in question has been affecting players for quite a bit of time. It has been noted that disconnecting during certain ingame events will cause daily and weekly reset triggers to not occur, effectively causing the character impacted to miss out on raid participation and rewards earnable during that period.

Lost Ark recently had some pushback from its player base after banning 200,000 players, most of which turned out to be bots or worse, accidental bans on inactive players. Here’s hoping that the developers realize that their fanbase is unhappy with this compensation package and do more good will with their individual investigations.

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