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Lost Ark’s Artist Class Gets a Makeover: Western Version to Feature New Wardrobe

Changes are coming to Lost Ark in the early months of 2023, and one of them will alter how the new Artist class looks. The Artist wears an extremely short skirt in the Korean version of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Because of the class’s exposing clothing, Western admirers have long pondered on how the class will be transformed over here in the West.

According to the first section of the 2023 Roadmap, when the class arrives in the West in April, all skins with a short skirt will have shorts placed below. In addition, the remaining skins’ pants or tights will be modified. The Artist’s gameplay, on the other hand, will stay unchanged.

“While our objective is to retain the originality of the original game, we also work with Smilegate RPG to make localization adjustments to ensure the game feels approachable and reflective of our Western gamers,” said Amazon Games, the Western publisher of Lost Ark. The shift in attire makes sense since, in the West, both players and rating boards have distinct criteria for what is and isn’t acceptable. If they had preserved their previous clothes, the crew may have run into problems with either party.

This isn’t the first time a firm has changed the way a female character appears in a video game. The most well-known recent examples are Tokyo Mirage Sessions and the Chrono Cross remake. In the Western edition of Tokyo Mirage Sessions, the female characters wore less showing clothes; nevertheless, in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers, Marcy, who is underage, had her wardrobe updated to include shorts underneath her dress rather of panties. While some players were angered by these modifications, the bulk of the community seemed unconcerned considering how little these changes affected their particular games. It appears that Lost Ark gamers have reached the same conclusion, since there has been minimal debate regarding this move among the community.

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