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Change Dungeon Difficulty in Lost Ark: Step-by-Step Guide

In Lost Ark, a free-to-play action MMO with inspiration from games like Diablo and World of Warcraft, dungeons are a great place to find treasure and try difficult content. It has a huge open universe with hundreds of different dungeons. It’s crucial to know which level of challenge is right for you or your group because it can have a huge impact on the adventure itself and the loot you can make. In this article, you’ll learn how to adjust the complexity of Lost Ark’s dungeons.

What the Lost Ark’s Dungeon Difficulty System Entails

In Lost Ark, you and your party will enter dungeons in “instances,” or private areas, where you will face off against increasingly difficult enemies and bosses while remaining completely disconnected from the rest of the community. The presenter can set the challenge of each dungeon, but once the adventure has started, there is no going back.

You’ll see a menu like the one up there whenever you enter a level. At first, you’ll only be able to choose between Normal and Hard challenges, but later on, you’ll unlock additional hardships. Choose the level of challenge you’re up for, and then either press Matchmaking to have the game automatically locate you some companions, or press Enter to enter the labyrinth alone or with a small party.

The full range of Lost Ark’s level difficulties

The Recommended Item Level insignia will appear next to the Dungeon Difficulty dropdown when you’re deciding which one to join. Following this, your current item level in white numbers will be displayed, followed by the suggested item level in gold numbers. As such, it serves as a reliable gauge of your level of preparedness for the labyrinth in question. It is still possible to try clearing it if you are about ten object levels below, though doing so may prove difficult. When temperatures drop below about -20 degrees, it can be next to impossible.

If you set the difficulty to Normal, the number of foes you encounter and their health and damage output will both be significantly reduced. The enemies become much more challenging, and there will be many more Elite enemy variations when playing on Hard. The amount of hidden treasure and Makoko seeds, however, will not change. Rewards are considerably greater and will have a noticeable impact on stats when playing on Hard level because the difficulty is much higher.

Lost Ark’s demanding dungeons can be tackled on a variety of difficulties, each offering its own set of strong equipment and specialized cosmetic prizes.

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