You are currently viewing Lightfall Shatters Records: Destiny 2 Surges to Over 300,000 Players on Steam!

Lightfall Shatters Records: Destiny 2 Surges to Over 300,000 Players on Steam!

The number of concurrent users in Destiny 2 has hit an all-time peak in the last 24 hours. For the first time, more than 300,000 people were playing the game at the same time, breaking the previous mark established in October 2019, when the game first appeared on Steam.

The new highest concurrent player count for Destiny 2 is 316,651 people, achieved in the last 24 hours as a result of the joint release of the Lightfall expansion and Season of Defiance. This information is derived from Steam Charts, a website that records the most popular titles on Steam as well as the number of individuals who play them. Info only extends back to October 2019, when Destiny 2 was released on Steam. Even those supplementary launch figures were lower than Lightfall’s total of 292,314 players.

Player numbers began to increase shortly after yesterday’s daily restart and crested around midnight. Many people clearly took the day off to be able to play the expansion as soon as it was released, while the rest of the player population came in later in the day. As a consequence, there are sure to be a few very tired individuals heading into work or school today.

Lightfall in Destiny 2 transports players to Neptune and its new site, Neomuna. Players must fight the troops of The Witness and Calus’ army as they scour the world for The Veil. Strand, a new elemental ability, gives players the additional push they need to take out the better dangers and completely investigate the game’s new location. This expansion sets up the events of the following year in Destiny 2, and all future seasons will drive it forward toward the next one, which will debut in 2024.

Season of Resistance was published alongside Lightfall. This new season follows a distinct tale from Lightfall, fighting against Calus’ force on Earth, which is seizing and sealing anyone it can locate in Pyramid spacecraft. Players need to enter these ships and recover important characters to battle back against Calus and The Witness.

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