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Leave Epona in the Dust: Experience an Epic Mario Kart 8 Track in Hyrule!

Mario Kart 8 has had the greatest run of any Mario Kart game, due in part to fan loyalty and a special version on the Switch. Many players have taken it upon themselves to keep the game interesting by making custom songs to display and download. While the country of Hyrule has been featured in Mario Kart before, one player chose to take it a step further by replicating the Ocarina of Time world map as a track in the lovable racing juggernaut.

The Ocarina of Time Circuit starts at the Great Deku Tree and continues through Kokiri Forest before soaring out into the Hyrule Grounds. The competitors travel around the central core, past Hyrule Castle, and into Gerudo Valley. After a death-defying glide jump from Gerudo Valley into Lake Hylia, it’s a sprint to the end through Kakariko Village and up Death Mountain.

The map’s ability to operate as a Mario Kart track has impressed fans. Most watchers concur, however, that the extreme lack of guide rails could pose a problem, as the lack of guidance in such wide-open areas could easily lead to drivers becoming disoriented. A few arrows to aid direction have been proposed by players, and it would be the ideal race through memories.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is still one of Nintendo’s most popular titles. Including this area in Mario Kart 8 only adds to the amazing design of the game’s overworld. Throw in a famous rendition of the primary Zelda tune, and you’re in for a wild ride.

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