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Join the Battle Early: A Guide to Signing Up for Brown Dust 2 Early Access

It was just a matter of time until Brown Dust 2 was revealed, given the success of the previous game. The next smartphone RPG promises to incorporate familiar characters and fighting techniques, as well as a brand-new tale to experience. The makers are opening the game up to Early Access users, like they do with many other mobile games, to help test problems and evaluate the community’s reaction to the new systems. Here’s all you need to know to ensure you can join the Brown Dust 2 Early Access.

Brown Dust 2 Early Access: When and How to Participate

Early Access is typically utilized by games such as Brown Dust 2 and Hades 2 to test the game’s current build and allow gamers to view the work the creators have achieved thus far. The Brown Dust 2 Early Access event will be accessible for a limited time only, from January 10 to January 17. Despite the one-week deadline, the creators are not allowing anyone to join up ahead of time. If you wish to participate, you must sign up on the day.

To be eligible for the Brown Dust 2 Early Access playtest, you must visit the Brown Dust 2 website starting at 2:00 AM EST on January 10. When you load the website, a pop-up will display with information on how to join up.

To encourage gamers to participate, the creators have announced a $25 raffle in either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Everyone who completes the survey at the end of the Early Access Test will be entered to win.

It’s worth noting that the Brown Dust Early Access event is now only available to Android users. Future testing will almost certainly include iPhone users. Furthermore, progress earned during the playtest will not be carried over after the game’s official launch, so don’t expect to have an advantage over other players when the game goes live.

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