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Is a Final Fantasy IX Remake on the Horizon? Clues Found in Final Fantasy Tactics Rumor!

A new interview has fueled speculation of a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster, implying that the Final Fantasy IX remake is true. Because these are remasters and remakes of two of the series’ most popular entries, Square Enix might have a busy year ahead of them.

In a recent interview with Final Fantasy World, producer IchirĂ´ Hazama was questioned about the possibility of including Final Fantasy Tactics characters in the forthcoming Theatrhythm Final Bar Line. Hazama indicated that the Final Fantasy Tactics crew was working on a separate project, most likely a modern-day remake of the game.

Rumors about a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster and a Final Fantasy IX remake date back to the 2021 GeForce Now leak, which included a list of unreleased games from several companies. The majority of the Square Enix titles in the leak were exposed over time, including Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition, Kingdom Hearts 4, and Tactics Ogre Reborn. The final Square Enix holdouts on the list are Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy IX Remake. So, if the Final Fantasy Tactics remaster is true, it very certainly means that the Final Fantasy IX remake is also on the way, or was at least supposed to be when the leak occurred.

Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the finest Final Fantasy spin-off games, and fans have been requesting a modern remake for years, which shouldn’t be too difficult given that updated versions of the game are available for mobile devices and the PlayStation Portable. By comparison, no one would have thought a Final Fantasy IX Remake was in the works if not for the GeForce Now leak, and if it turns out to be genuine and the game is ultimately unveiled, some of the enthusiasm will be lost.

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