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Maximizing Inventory Space in Diablo IV: Tips and Tricks

Nothing is worse than walking around Diablo IV with a full inventory because you’re losing out on more expensive goods. While you can discover loot inside different chests, your foes will also leave things when eliminated. Because inventory space can rapidly fill up, many players question if there is a method to expand inventory space in Diablo IV.

Is it possible to expand inventory capacity in Diablo IV?

At the moment of writing, there is no way to expand your stash in Diablo IV. Many people will be surprised by this, given that the prior installment in the series also lacked this functionality. As a result, you must maximize your existing room and keep only valuable things. While the inventory room cannot be expanded, the storing space of your external Stash can.

Some of you may be unaware that there is a Stash in Diablo IV that enables you to keep your goods. This is indicated by a tiny Chest icon on the minimap, and you can go there to keep or gather up things. However, if you have a tendency of taking up every object in front of you, even the Stash can become filled at some time. However, 100,000 gold can be used to expand its storing capacity. Certainly, you will go insolvent in the game as a result of this. Furthermore, you won’t be able to obtain this much gold until you’ve made substantial advancement. As a result, you’re pretty much bound with the restricted storage at first.

It’s worth noting that you can also go to the Craftsman to have your goods disassembled. In exchange, you will obtain crafting components that can be used to upgrade your equipment. When your storage space is filled, you can use your things instead of throwing them away.

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