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Illumination’s Super Mario Bros. Ad Campaign Gets Plumbing with a Catchy Jingle

Before the Super Bowl, Illumination wants to have some fun with Super Mario Bros. Movie fans. The plumbers’ popularity has been increasing as the release date approaches, and failing to capitalize on it for the Super Bowl audience would be a waste. Illumination has produced a Super Mario Bros. Plumbing firm marketing campaign, replete with a website and new video along with a catchy commercial jingle, just in time for the game.

The advertisement appears to be highly inspired by 90s television commercials, with a vintage feel to it. The song written for the video features a humorous rap as well as the legendary series soundtrack. While bobbing their heads to the music and staring directly at the camera, Mario and Luigi assist a New York woman with a blocked sink.

They even take the time to shoot a testimonial from the woman, who clearly can’t conceal the fact that she’s reading from a script. The commercial concludes by asking viewers to dial 929-55-MARIO, which is a working number. When you contact the number, you will hear a voice recording of Luigi with a slew of amusing allusions. You may also text it to get an automatic message with a link to join the community.

The marketing goes even farther, with a fully-functional website with funny testimonials that conceal even more smart connections to the series’ past. The Mario Brothers are unafraid to post critical feedback on their website.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be shown in cinemas on April 7, and fans have already been treated to glimpses of significant characters, such as Mario’s clash with Donkey Kong and an incredible poster depicting Bowser.

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