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How to get to, and kill, the ogre in The Jungle in God of War Ragnarok

When you first enter God of War Ragnarok’s The Jungle area of The Crater in Vanaheim, an ogre begins hurling boulders at you, blocking off some pathways. If you want to stop the ogre from doing that, you’ll have to approach it, but every time you find a path leading to it, the ogre will throw additional rocks in your way. There is, however, one surefire method of reaching the ogres (yes, there are two).

Finding the ogres in “The Jungle”

Opening the dam in The Jungle’s southwestern corner is a necessary step in the Return of the River side quest Favor, which must be finished before you may approach the ogres. After that, you can disembark from the dam and return to your boat. You’ll see a variety of coastlines as you make your way eastward in a canoe or kayak. Put all of them out of your mind. Take your canoe or kayak to the river’s eastern terminus, and from there, make a sharp left into a small tunnel. Get off the boat at the end of this tunnel, then climb the slope to the west and squeeze through the opening to reach the ogres.

Methods for slaying jungle ogres

First, you must eliminate the two nokken responsible for the ogres’ health regeneration. They move quickly for their size, but they don’t have much health, so save your special strikes for more important targets. After you’ve finished off the nokken, pick an ogre to kill. Use your Runic and Rage attacks, of course, but don’t forget to throw in a bunch of Stun arrows and light assaults, either, because stunning it is preferable than killing it. After stunning it, you can press R3 to leap onto its back and use it as a weapon against the other ogre. The second ogre should be easy to kill now that you’ve distracted it long enough from “your” ogre.

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