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How to Enter Hogwarts Legacy’s Chamber of Secrets

The Chamber of Secrets is an iconic spot in the globe, as any Harry Potter fan knows, and it is no different in Hogwarts Legacy. The Chamber of Secrets is an important aspect of how Harry rescues Hogwarts by discovering and destroying one of Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes in the film. If you are a Hogwarts Legacy player, you will most likely want to visit the Chamber of Secrets region and may be wondering how to do so.

Where to Find the Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy | Location Guide for the Chamber of Secrets

According to the Harry Potter novels, the Chamber is concealed beneath the Castle, with the entrance located in the second-floor ladies’ restroom; however, this can operate differently. Instead of walking all the way, you’ll use the Lower Grand Staircase Floor Flame to get there swiftly.

After you locate it, turn right and proceed down a corridor that curves to the left, then turn right again. There are two doors from there; one leads to the boys’ restroom and the other to the girls’ bathroom. The entrance to the Chamber of Secrets may be found in the sink of the girls’ restroom. It’s amazing and a bit strange how many secrets the restrooms in Hogwarts Legacy hold.

In Hogwarts Legacy, can you enter the Chamber of Secrets?

Unfortunately, you are still unable to access the Chamber of Secrets. You can, however, use the Revile charm beside the sink to check the area’s entrance. A serpent will be etched into one of the faucets as a nod to the Harry Potter series. Only a “true heir” of Slytherin may access the Chamber of Secrets; to do so, they must speak in a snake language known as Parseltongue.

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