You are currently viewing Holocure’s Ultimate Power: Unveiling the Maximum G Rank for Each Character!

Holocure’s Ultimate Power: Unveiling the Maximum G Rank for Each Character!

While Holocure borrows the majority of its basic gaming elements from Vampire Survivors, it employs a unique character unlock system based on gacha and G Rank. Similar to Genshin Impact, the gacha part is how you acquire a new character. Furthermore, similar to how you can receive Constellations for obtaining the same character in Genshin, Holocure gives you a G Rank Up for obtaining the identical gacha draw. The VTuber’s HP, ATK, and SPD will increase by 1% for each G Level. Many people may question how far you can ramp up a character’s attributes with this enhancement system.

Obtaining the maximum G Rank attribute boost in Holocure

The highest G Rank for a character is not specified in the in-game summary in the Holocure gacha Shop, but the increases in HP, ATK, and SPD are limited at 20%. This restriction was confirmed in our trials for Gura, who was at G Rank 103 in a modified save file. We re-checked her stats after receiving her duplicate gacha draw to G Rank 104 and discovered they had not altered. In other words, you can drag a VTuber past G Rank 100+, but her stats will remain set at +20% HP, ATK, and SPD. This particular does not grow when drawing a duplicate, just as the formal description does not specify Crit.

In the preceding explanation, we stated that you can continue growing a character’s G Rank in Holocure even after they have reached their +20% limit boost. The Hololive EN Myth flag, for example, has five members: Mori, Kiara, Ina, Gura, and Ame. We pulled over 500 times with the changed save file we’re using, which should be enough to cover the 20% stat increases for all five characters. Despite the fact that there are no more costumes or stat boosts to be obtained, the Holocure still enables us to draw from Myth. As a result, if you manage to fill out an ad, avoid wasting money on attracting VTubers.

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