You are currently viewing Physical sales of the game Hogwarts Legacy were slightly higher than those of Metroid Prime Remastered

Physical sales of the game Hogwarts Legacy were slightly higher than those of Metroid Prime Remastered

Despite Hogwarts Legacy’s massive digital sales and obvious fan appeal, Metroid Prime Remastered nearly led the UK’s hard game sales list in the last week. Metroid Prime aficionados clearly care about having Samus’ first 3D journey in their palms and on their shelves.

According to GamesIndustrybiz, the UK’s physical purchases for the week ending March 4, 2023, indicate a close race for first place. Hogwarts Legacy did come out on top, becoming the best-selling book for the week for the fourth time in a row. However, 1,000 units separated it from Metroid Prime Remastered, a physical version that was only recently published after the game had been available on the Nintendo eShop for a month following its unexpected release in February.

With these purchases, Metroid Prime Remastered becomes the fourth largest retail debut for a Metroid game of all time. Despite the fact that the series is undoubtedly more famous today than it was when Metroid Prime was first published, sales for Metroid Prime remastered are still 45% lower than the initial 2002 GameCube release. This could be related to Metroid Prime being included in a limited edition console package.

Metroid Prime Restored is the second most popular tangible release of 2023, trailing only Fire Emblem Engage and Dead Space Remake. Its digital sales are unknown because Nintendo does not disclose them, but the game is unlikely to outsell Hogwarts Legacy. However, the surprise launch appears to have had no detrimental effect on sales, suggesting that Nintendo will follow a similar trend with future remasters.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, last week’s largest new release, is ninth on the list. Although PlayStation systems accounted for 96% of all tangible purchases, it appears that the game sold far better online than it did directly. The game’s allure is rather specialized, with devastatingly difficult combat and tough as nails enemies, which could explain why it hasn’t climbed any higher in the list over its debut weekend—that, and the fact that it hasn’t had the greatest PC start.

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