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GoldenEye 007 Showdown: Nintendo Switch vs Xbox – Which Version Reigns Supreme?

The long-awaited comeback of GoldenEye 007 is now available on the Nintendo Switch as part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack and on Xbox platforms as part of Rare Replay and Xbox Game Pass. These two GoldenEye 007 versions are based on the Nintendo 64 original and are not full remakes or remasters, although they do contain distinguishing features.

On the Nintendo Switch, GoldenEye 007 includes online multiplayer.

The online multiplayer, which is missing from the Xbox editions of GoldenEye, is the game’s main selling feature for the Nintendo Switch. This is the same type of multiplayer as seen in the other N64 titles on Nintendo Switch Online, with users having remote access to the game’s local multiplayer modes. This is significant for GoldenEye since all players must share a split-screen view in which everyone can see the screen of the other combatants.

However, there is a significant disadvantage to playing on Nintendo Switch: the game’s control mechanism is poor. The default controls in GoldenEye are extremely tough to utilize with Joy-Cons or a Pro Controller because they were designed with an N64 controller in mind. There are now possibilities to remap the Nintendo Switch controls, making GoldenEye a little more playable, although this requires playing around with presets anytime someone wants to play the game.

On Xbox consoles, the controls for GoldenEye 007 have been updated.
Unfortunately, the Xbox version of GoldenEye does not support online multiplayer, which is a major flaw in the game. The Xbox version includes just the local multiplayer modes from the original N64 GoldenEye, with no new content.

Nonetheless, the Xbox version has one important difference that makes it the superior version: the controls. The buttons on the Xbox port have been remapped to operate better with a dual-stick controller. This makes the Xbox adaptation of GoldenEye more comfortable, especially for people who have never played the original and are unfamiliar with its unusual control system.

Which GoldenEye 007 version is superior?
The two GoldenEye versions are nearly equal in terms of content and performance, so the choice comes down to online multiplayer and controls. Those who want to run about The Facility with their pals should play the Nintendo Switch edition, while those who simply want to play single-player should choose the Xbox version.

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