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God of War Ragnarok boss battle tip: How to stunlock the most annoying enemy

Countless God of War Ragnarok players have been slaughtered by the feared Ormstunga, so it’s reassuring to learn that this small ankle-biter can be dispatched with a single move.

This easy stunlock solution was shared by Redditor MrWosabi. Forget about all that ducking and parrying. All you have to do is crush Ormstunga to the ground and then pile drive him into the earth with Kratos’ hefty spear assault. Again. Once again. As many times as it takes to eradicate this creature off the face of the earth.

God of War Ragnarok contains a slew of spirit-breaker bosses, although most of them are to be anticipated. Did you believe the Valkyrie commander or legendary Berserkers would be simple to defeat? Probably not, however that Berserker battle didn’t have to be so vexing. You may not anticipate a random bugger in a cave to provide such a huge difficulty increase, and you’d be completely incorrect.

I swear Ormstunga is a sleeper boss. He appears to be a normal wretch, yet he packs a punch to equal the Aesir themselves. You roll up, expecting this miniboss to be defeated in a few runic hits, and then you get clawed back to your last checkpoint. Ormstunga is cunning, possesses extended combinations, and enjoys weaving in ranged strikes. If this thing had greater AoE, it would be a weapon to rival Metal Gear. He’s a headache to battle and not really enjoyable, so this is one boss cheese I totally support.

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