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Get Ready for the Magic: Disney Dreamlight Valley Announces Festival of Friendship Update Launch Date

The makers of Disney Dreamlight Valley have disclosed the release date for the next “A Festival of Friendship” upgrade, the game’s third major update. The update will be available on February 16th, and will include new characters, substantial enhancements to game mechanics, and a new Star Path for players to accomplish.

This new Star Path commemorates Disney’s 100th anniversary and will provide new and exclusive prizes, such as the previously released stylish rabbit companion. The update will include new skins for Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who will also be dressed to the nines for the occasion. Gameloft has pledged to reveal more data and specifications about the enhancements coming in this patch over the following several days.

#DisneyDreamlightValley: A Festival of Friendship launches on February 16th ✨! Check out our new key art for a sneak peek at what you can expect when the update launches next week.— Disney Dreamlight Valley (@DisneyDLV) February 6, 2023

The release date announcement is accompanied by the unveiling of a new key art loading screen that prominently includes confirmed update elements such as Mirabel, Olaf, and the new 100th anniversary skins for Mickey and Minnie (and their matching rabbit friend). A blue player house, a nice break from the game’s current default yellow, is also included, as is a weird cave in the Frosted Heights, about which nothing is known.

We already know a few details about the update owing to the devs’ open and frequent contact on social media and their Discord server. This update features new and beloved Disney characters Mirabel from the award-winning film Encanto and Olaf from the underappreciated classic Frozen. Players are excited to see Mirabel move her lovely mini-casita into the Valley and experience a new region inspired by the film. Furthermore, the update will finally provide the opportunity to modify the exterior of your house, with new colors and maybe some further tweaks.

Throughout the game’s early access stage, devs have been extremely sensitive to user comments. This latest update promises significant improvements to a number of important game elements, many of which were created in response to player feedback. The adoption of a better inventory management system is possibly the most anticipated upgrade. This might imply anything from larger chests to item sorting, and while Dreamlight Valley’s developers haven’t provided specifics, most fans are sure to agree that any modifications would be an upgrade over the present system. While developers have indicated that enhancements would be included in a future release, it’s unclear if we’ll see these changes when the upgrade goes live next Thursday.

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