You are currently viewing Get Fired Up for Kill It With Fire VR – The Ultimate Test of Your Fearlessness!

Get Fired Up for Kill It With Fire VR – The Ultimate Test of Your Fearlessness!

Vr virtual reality spiders destroy it with fire
Eight eyes, and they’re all aimed on you
Some fucking sadist has chosen extreme anarchy and made a VR edition of 2020 spider-hunting title Kill It with Fire — Yeah, you can now “enjoy” the Man vs. Arachnid release in completely immersive virtual reality mode. Thanks?

Kill It with Fire VR will reproduce the over-the-top action of the original release, with players searching for the eight-legged beasts in a variety of locales such as houses, petrol stations, farms, and, of course, bathrooms. Find a slew of creepy crawlies before engaging in mortal combat with a slew of household objects, ninja weapons, rifles, and other super-bombastic weaponry. To allow for improved identification, the virtual reality variant of this terrible horror will employ a new “VRACHNID” mechanic.

“Fans have been requesting a VR version of Kill It With Fire since the very first footage of the original game,” says Casey Donnellan, Kill It With Fire’s sole developer and thus a horrible guy. “I’m overjoyed that we can finally show frightening spiders on a screen less than an inch away from gamers’ eyes!”

All kidding aside, I truly like spiders. Well, I’m terrified of them, and one of them bit me last year (always shake out your shoes, folks). But I think our scurrying companions are very cool, as well as fascinating, intelligent, and significant creatures. Kill It with Fire VR is set to release “soon” on PlayStation VR 1 and 2, SteamVR, and Meta Quest 2.

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