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Gargantuan Bear Joins the Battle in Latest Wild Hearts Trailer

The latest Wild Hearts CG clip depicts conflicts between soldiers using steampunk weaponry and the gigantic Kemono creatures who feed on humans, including a bear that resembles a living mountain.

The official Wild Hearts YouTube account has released a new teaser that focuses exclusively on establishing up the game’s universe rather than displaying any Wild Hearts gameplay footage. In this clip, human hunters are up against huge creatures who outnumber them in size, speed, and strength. Fortunately, the hunters have access to Karakuri technology, which allows them to immediately acquire huge weaponry and barriers, allowing them to balance the odds.

The tale of the trailer is narrated as if it were a stage production, with clockwork toys playing the parts of monsters and hunters. After the final curtain is pulled, the camera exposes a new foe: a colossal bear made of stone, with moss and plants growing on its shoulder, implying that it is some type of natural structure that has come to life and attacked humans.

The bear monster dwarfs all previous animals disclosed for Wild Hearts in size, and it might very well be the game’s last boss. The Monster Hunter series has included comparable animals, such as Dalamadur, a gigantic snake wrapping around the whole battlefield, or Dah’ren Mohran, which requires vehicles to be grounded before the hunters can fight it head on.

Wild Hearts has been compared favorably to Monster Hunter, but the latest teaser incorporates aspects of Attack on Titan, in which the hunters must employ archaic technology to outmaneuver their huge adversaries. This makes the last teaser with the bear much more interesting, because such types of technology won’t work against an adversary that big.

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