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Final Fantasy XVI Release Date Still on Track: Square Enix Confirms No More Delays!

Final Fantasy XVI will be released on the PlayStation 5 on June 22. Most gamers nowadays, however, are wary of firm release schedules and expect triple-A games to be delayed at the last minute. Square Enix has just concluded an interview peek session for Final Fantasy XVI, and they promise fans that they are all in on the summer release date, stating that there is little to no chance of the game not releasing as planned.

According to Polygon, game director Naoki Yoshida stated during a press gathering in New York that Final Fantasy XVI will not be postponed unless a meteor lands on Japan. While weirder things have occurred in the world recently, this appears to be a strong indication that the game is on schedule and ready to play.

Many highly awaited titles, including Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Skull and Bones, have already gotten last-minute delays this year. Square Enix is no stranger to significant delays, having previously postponed Final Fantasy XV and the VII Remake. The Endwalker update for Final Fantasy XIV was also pushed back by two weeks at the last minute, which Yoshida had to reveal himself. He appeared to be extremely upset about having to postpone the game, and his enthusiasm for Final Fantasy XVI is heartwarming to see.

Final Fantasy XVI was announced in 2020, and the potential release date has shifted several times before being confirmed as June 22 this year. It is still unclear whether the game will be released on PC at a later point, despite being previously revealed and scaled back. It’s an uncommon pleasure to see a creator fully commit to no delays, so let’s hope a comet doesn’t spoil the atmosphere.

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