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Final Fantasy XIV players discover hidden way to customize instant portraits

Instant Portraits are a new feature implemented in Patch 6.3 of Final Fantasy XIV. When you run content with other players, Instant Portraits, similar to Adventurer Plates, will be revealed to your group. Task occurrences like as Trials, Dungeons, and Alliance Raids will all expose your party’s individual Instant Images at the start of the duty, giving players a little moment to appreciate or laugh at each other’s portraits before the duty begins. Here’s how to alter and turn off quick portraits in Final Fantasy XIV.

In Final Fantasy XIV, where can you alter and disable instant portraits?

The Portraits interface may be accessed by heading to the Character menu and then selecting ‘Portraits’ from the list. It is positioned just beneath the ‘Adventurer Plate’ option, making it easy to find, especially for those who are already familiar with the Adventurer Plates function. When you first visit the interface, you will be offered the option of creating an Instant Portrait for each job. There are several modification choices available, as well as some pre-made frames and backdrops to utilize if you’re stuck for ideas.

To have your Instant Portrait appear in responsibilities, make sure the ‘Use as Instant Portrait’ button at the bottom right of the interface is turned on. This button toggles your Instant Portrait on and off.

Please keep in mind that altering your gearset after you’ve set your Instant Portrait will reset it to the default. Even minor changes, such as dyeing a piece of gear, can force your Instant Portrait to return to the default, which can be quite inconvenient when you’re putting the finishing touches on your glamour right before queueing for a raid. Before starting a duty, always make sure your Instant Portrait is up to date.

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