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Expert Tips for Extinguishing Fires in Sons of the Forest

To escape the cannibals and monsters in Sons of the Forest, players must construct a home base. You might have built a massive campfire at this selected spot that you no longer want. No issue, there is a method to put it out before it burns down everything you might have constructed over it. This answer requires no effort from you and is completed by hitting a single button. In Sons of the Forest, here’s how to snuff out flames.

In Sons of the Forest, how do you put out fires?

If you delay long enough, campfires in Sons of the Wild will go out. As long as you don’t add more gasoline to the fire (leaves, twigs, etc.), the fire will eventually extinguish itself. In Sons of the Forest, the quickest method to put out a fire is to slumber. The flames should have died down by the time you wake up.

In Sons of the Forest, you can also extinguish a campfire by striking it several times with a firearm. They don’t appear to have much vitality, and you can strike them while they’re still on fire. You should be fine as long as you don’t step over the flames.

Sadly, because a campfire is not a “structure,” it cannot be disassembled like a house. Typically, you can demolish something you’ve constructed by holding down the C key on your computer. This technique, however, does not appear to work on flames.

If you want to prevent your character from dying due to a fire, you can do so by leaping into water. If there is no waterway or water nearby, simply sprint around for a while; the burning sensation will fade after a while.

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