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Elevate Your Fortress: A Guide to Crafting and Using Pedestals in Dwarf Fortress

Dwarves in Dwarf Fortress have a vast list of requirements in order to live a happy and healthy subterranean existence. They obviously require food, water, and shelter to survive, but they also gain greatly from things like companionship and creativity. Making art on its own, however, is insufficient to reap all of its rewards. Instead, you’ll need to put that art on display for everybody to see. Pedestals are an important aspect of sprucing up your stronghold as one of two main options for display furniture in the game. And because they’re the less expensive of the two, they’re also the first you’re likely to interact with, making it easy to get caught up in some of the intricacies.

How to Make a Pedestal

When it comes to manufacturing pedestals in Dwarf Fortress, you have a few alternatives. At the craftsdwarf’s workshop, glass furnace, forge, or carpenter’s workshop, you may make them out of stone, glass, metal, or wood. Although the prices for pedestals produced from different materials may vary, and some may work better for your present workshops or supplies, the wood pedestal is likely to be the easiest to make, so we’ll focus on that option here.

To begin, each pedestal will require one piece of wood (of any sort). Once you’ve gathered your resources, click on a carpenter’s workshop. If you only need one pedestal, create a task in the tasks page and search for or scroll down to the “build wooden pedestal” option. If your fortress has a manager, you may also utilize a work order to create numerous pedestals, or even continuously construct them. Because pedestals aren’t the most important piece of furniture, it’s usually safe to place a one-time order for what you need, plus a few extras. You may also raise the priority of your assignment or work order in the carpenter’s workshop or work orders menus, respectively.

How pedestals function

When you complete your pedestal, it will be immediately put in any stockpiles that are designated to contain furniture. To place a pedestal in your stronghold, go to the build menu (B) and pick the furniture option (F.) Choose the display tab (Y) and position the pedestal wherever you want it. The pedestal may then be selected by clicking on it. By selecting the “assign new display items” action from here, you may choose what item is displayed there (from a variety of alternatives). This, like every other activity in Dwarf Fortress, may take some time to accomplish depending on how many available dwarves are present to assist.

Art on a pedestal is an important feature of your stronghold since it improves the mood of your dwarves who see it. It’s important to note that your dwarves must have access to the pedestal for this to function, as they can’t see the displayed object from across the room or behind any form of barrier.

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