You are currently viewing Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree Expansion: Unveiling Setting and Timeline Hints You Can’t Miss!

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree Expansion: Unveiling Setting and Timeline Hints You Can’t Miss!

Elden Ring will receive DLC in the future, according to FromSoftware, as the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion was revealed soon after the game’s first anniversary festivities concluded. Unfortunately, little is known about Shadow of the Erdtree, as only one piece of key art for the addition has been published, but this artwork alludes at the DLC’s location and timeline placement.

Elden Ring Shade of the Erdtree may have occurred in the past.

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree update was announced with artwork depicting an enigmatic golden-haired person riding Torrent through the Lands Between while the Erdtree bleeds amber in the background. The name of the figure is unclear, but their design suggests either Queen Marika or Miquella, both of whom are thought to be living but dormant during the events of Elden Ring.

The appearance of Miquella or Queen Marika may allude to a flashback narrative in which the player travels back in time to see the world of Elden Ring before the Shattering. This would allow FromSoftware to repeat many of the basic game’s enemies as the player battles younger versions of the demigods in newer, more brutal encounters.

The prequel plot could also shed light on Queen Marika, who plays an important role in Elden Ring’s background. Despite this, very little is known about her goals or demeanor. Similarly, Miquella is a mysterious figure who may have played a much bigger part in Elden Ring’s backstory than was originally recognized.

Elden Ring Shade of the Erdtree could occur after the conclusion.

The Erdtree itself is a prominent character in the Shadow of the Erdtree artwork, with ashes falling from its body and golden amber spewing from its core. This could imply that Shadow of the Erdtree is a straight continuation of the Elden Ring story, beginning with the conclusion chosen by the player in the primary game.

The appearance of the enigmatic rider in this situation could indicate that character waking up and becoming more involved in the narrative. Miquella is resting in a cocoon, according to Elden Ring’s narrative, and the DLC could entail his return to the Lands Between, where he becomes a new adversary, particularly if the player kills his sister, Malenia.

In a sequel scenario, Queen Marika could be a contender for the rider, but her destiny is determined by the conclusion selected by the player in Elden Ring. One piece of evidence points to Queen Marika’s side, as a cut conclusion in Elden Ring shows the player restoring her, and it could have been deleted to give room for an alternate account for how she returned to the Lands Between.

Elden Ring Shade of the Erdtree is most certainly an open-world game.

Shadow of the Erdtree’s artwork depicts the Lands Between in all its grandeur, with enigmatic new characters and changed locales in the background. This implies that, regardless of when it happens on the timeline, the player will experience a new version of the Lands Between, which will play to Elden Ring’s powers.

Fans feared that any future Elden Ring DLC would consist of a few heritage chambers sewed together into one area, as this would be simpler to create than an updated version of the current open world. Shadow of the Erdtree will almost certainly include new levels and enemies, but they appear to be a continuation of the open world that fans adored.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree depicts enigmatic spirits in the Places Between.

The presence of numerous white spirits populating the fields of the Lands Between, which resemble tombstones, is the final intriguing feature of the Shadow of the Erdtree artwork. These may be a new sort of enemy that the player will encounter, summoned from beyond the grave by the enigmatic rider’s ability. A pessimistic viewpoint holds that because the player is compelled to confront opponents they have already slain, this can be a cheap method to recycle enemies from the basic game.

Another theory is that these are images of other online participants, similar to the white ghosts seen in Elden Ring. This could point to a more prominent online component in Shadow of the Erdtree, where players are urged to take on monsters together or must face off in PVP battles for new prizes. In any case, the Shadow of the Erdtree artwork suggests that there will be a major magical presence in the Lands Between for players to battle, which could represent an even greater danger than the creatures already present.

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