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Elden Ring Meets Pokemon: This Scarlet Mod Mashup Is the Crossover We Never Knew We Wanted!

Two of the greatest titles of the year clash.

There have been some fairly fantastic video game crossovers over the years, like themed Minecraft skin packs, Snoop Dog in Call of Duty, and the whole Kingdom Hearts trilogy. One cooperation I did not expect to see was one involving two of 2022’s most anticipated releases: Elden Ring and Pokémon Scarlet. This hack allows players to ride the legendary Pokémon Koraidon about as a horse, dress themselves and opponent characters in Pokémon trainer clothes, and even reskin the game’s most dangerous creatures as bigger versions of popular pocket monsters, as seen in a video provided by user Arestame on Twitter.

This is one of the nicest modifications I’ve seen in a long time, partly because game modification feels like a modern sort of magic to me. Then there’s the fact that one of the main reasons I avoid FromSoft games is how dismal and depressing they all appear. With the option of including some attractive Pokémon in the mix, I may have to rethink.

Nintendo is infamous for cracking down on such things, but from what I can see, this is just a player’s personal mod, not a product they’re attempting to sell. There’s always the chance they’ll get slammed with that stop and desist, but for the time being, we can enjoy this mod while the film is still available.

Arestame did not share any other information on how they created this mod, or whether it would be accessible for download at any time in the future. A quick scan through the comments revealed that people are skeptical that we’ll be able to get our hands on the mod before Nintendo pulls it down, so it’s truly anyone’s guess. At the very least, it was amazing to be able to view it, and I am once again astounded by the talent and inventiveness of the modding community.

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