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Discovering the Best Soil for Farming in Dwarf Fortress

Farming on earth is one of the most important tasks your dwarves must complete during your journey in Dwarf Fortress. If you play through the tutorial for newcomers, the game will expose you to farming techniques in the “Planting” segment. Taking seeds from your Wagon and planting them in underground agricultural areas is what this entails. Of course, you can cultivate on overworld soil, but the main “dwarven” plants can only thrive beneath the earth’s surface. According to Planting’s instructional description, the underground soil beneath the earth provides suitable agricultural topography but is not “rich soil.”

In Dwarf Fortress, where can I locate the finest farming soil?

Dwarf Fortress has poor agricultural earth.
If you continue perusing the lesson, the gardening directions for the Dwarf Fortress tell you to “dig deeper to discover superior soil.” As mentioned previously in the lesson, gardening can be done on loam, clay, or sand, all of which qualify as soil. However, digging beneath the first stratum of soil reveals only unirrigated floor varieties incapable of producing crops. The cause for this is that you haven’t dug deep enough to find the finest agricultural soil in Dwarf Fortress.

The Farm Plot’s description for the basic soil of the layer beneath the ground’s surface contains the solution to the question “what is the finest agricultural soil” for your dwarven plants in Dwarf Fortress. When you glance next to the “Fertilize every season” checkbox, you’ll notice that the subterranean property you’re cultivating on is labeled “Poor Soil.” The wording beneath this marking, however, says, “Cavern Soil is finest.” Caverns are vast subterranean biomes that form far beneath the earth’s surface, where your Wagon spawns. For example, we started our Dwarf Fortress adventure at Elevation 45 and discovered our first Tunnel system at Elevation -11, which meant we had to excavate down 56 levels to find Cavern Soil.

Dwarf Fortress’s finest cavern dirt for gardening
Now that you know Cavern Soil is the finest soil for farming in Dwarf Fortress, all you have to do is keep excavating until you get a notice that your mining dwarves have found a subterranean Cavern. While the soil at these deep depths is much richer than at the top, bear in mind that Caverns are home to hazardous animals. Entering the underground world unprepared may result in your civilization’s destruction.

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