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Dragon Ball Returns to Fortnite: Brace Yourself for New Content Sooner Than Expected

Epic Games has chosen to surprise Fortnite fans by releasing a Dragon Ball Super x Fortnite collaboration. Normally, such occurrences would have some form of buildup. However, because the tournament begins tomorrow, it appears that gamers will have little time to prepare. The news was made on the official Fortnite Twitter page, with an image of a spacecraft flying over Battle Island and a text indicating a January 31 launch date.

The previous Dragonball event in Fortnite concluded precisely five months ago, and we had the pleasure of battling alongside skins like Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma. Players also had access to a Power Level mechanism, which they could level up by completing objectives. As of now, we don’t know if something similar will occur this time.

The graphic Epic Games shared on Twitter depicts a spacecraft. A comparable spaceship, utilized by Gohan and Piccolo in the newest Dragon Ball Super film, may be seen. This might imply that we’ll be receiving one of these characters as skins, or both.

Players in the last Dragon Ball x Fortnite event gained access to extraordinary powers from the anime, such as the Kamehameha. Bringing back the ability and power levels to Fortnite for a bit may spice things up just nicely for DBS fans. The prior event was leaked months before it was officially revealed, but this time, no reports have surfaced.

Because many Fortnite collab events are frequently leaked before they are revealed, the one-day announcement this time may have been done to keep everyone on their toes. Perhaps the devs are experimenting with something new. Epic Games may be experimenting with new marketing strategies following the successful release of Hi-Fi Rush.

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