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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Leaked Details Reveal Gameplay, Enemies, Visuals, and More

Fans who have been wallowing in the shallow Dragon Age: Dreadwolf development news since its debut may have gotten a few scraps. Someone on Reddit shared a ton of fresh information about the game based on claimed alpha development footage. What’s more remarkable is that the alleged footage emerged online at the same moment. All of this new information provides eager series fans with their first peek at Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s possible gameplay, combat, and aesthetics.

The Reddit thread in question goes into great depth about what the tester encountered while playing the game. While the video has been deleted, others in the forum have re-uploaded it lower down the thread. It’s worth noting that the graphics and details are all from the early alpha, and the game has most certainly altered significantly since this clip was shot. According to the leaker, most of the game was still missing textures and objects during alpha.

The individual describes 20 minutes of gameplay in which the player character confronts a section of the game involving a Grey Warden citadel in Weisshaupt. The primary foes are various Darkspawn troops, and the player controls an Elvish “Knight” Grey Warden class. Of course, in true Dragon Age form, a dragon seems to crash the party during this gaming segment, but no footage of this is shown.

Combat is certainly hack and slash, although it is touted as being influenced by God of War (2018) rather than Final Fantasy XV, as originally claimed. The battle wheel and user interface are identical to those found in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and players have minimal control over their companions. The overall flow of abilities includes ordinary combos as well as a special bar that finally provides the ability to utilize special moves. Jumping fans will be pleased to find that it is still available in Dreadwolf.

While Bioware is unlikely to be pleased that prospective game video has leaked before the firm is ready to disclose it, fans will take it up and cling onto it until the company is ready to unveil what they have been able to build in the period since alpha.

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