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Don’t Miss Out on Destiny 2’s Lightfall: Bungie’s Manual Fix for Xbox Series X/S Players!

Bungie, the creator of Destiny 2, has given a set of directions that any Xbox Series X/S users expecting to enjoy the Lightfall update later today must follow, or they will be shut out. This is the first time Bungie has done something like this, implying that the game’s Expansion gathering is becoming a little too complicated.

Destiny 2 Lightfall will be available today around 12 PM ET, the game’s daily restart period. The servers have been taken down, and the Ligthfall upgrade has been made available for all devices to obtain ahead of time. In principle, this should make it simpler for players to join the game once the servers are restored. On the Xbox System X/S, however, this is not the situation.

The official Bungie support website on Twitter has released a four-post thread detailing what users on Xbox Series X/S must do in order to participate today. It requires them to uncheck several additions from Destiny 2’s past, including Forsaken and its related seasons, as well as the game’s first two minor DLC.

We are investigating an issue blocking sign-in for some Xbox Series X|S players. These players will not be able to log in to Destiny 2 when the game comes back online on February 28, 2023 at 9 AM PT (-8 UTC) unless the following steps are completed: (1/4)— Bungie Help (@BungieHelp) February 28, 2023

Season and expansion releases almost always result in Destiny 2 server problems. Many players swarm into the game at once, resulting in server queues, error codes, and sadness for players who don’t have much free time to devote to the game. This issue on Xbox Series X/S will frustrate many players, particularly those who believed they’d prepared everything for today’s release. A separate problem prompted Lightfall to preload early last week on PS5, preventing many players from finishing Season of the Seraph. Overall, the Lightfall debut has been the most problematic in recent recollection.

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