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Dive into Adventure: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the ‘Mer-ky’ Depths in Hogwarts Legacy

As you continue through Hogwarts Legacy, you will encounter several side tasks to accomplish. While some of these sidequests may come from the residents of the nearby burrows, the majority will come from your peers. Nerida Roberts is one such quest that you might fulfill after completing the first trial. She doesn’t know how to swim, yet all she wants is to collect a present from the merpeople. Be a nice friend and go get her this gift. This tutorial will walk you through the ‘Mer-ky’ Depths in Hogwarts Legacy.

‘Mer-ky’ Hogwarts Legacy Depths Walkthrough

After completing the first challenge, you may find Nerida at the dock house on the lake near Hogwarts. If you already have the location unlocked, there is a Floo Flame fast travel point there. Nerida may be spotted sitting on the edge of the river once there. Talk to her, and she’ll tell you about the present the merpeople left her in the Leaky Cave.

Jump off the dock and swim toward the rocks around the castle after accepting the task. In the water, there is a whirlpool-like region. When you interact with the whirlpool, you will fall into it and resurface in the Leaky Cave. To receive the item for Nerida, you must first solve the puzzle on the cave door.

You must wander around the cave and use Lumos to attract moths in order to open the moth door. This is similar to how you accomplish the moth mirrors in the side quest Like Moths to a Frame. Bring each moth in the cave to the door and disable Lumos to make them land on it. The door will open after all three moths have been placed on it. Interact with the chest when the door is open to acquire the item for Nerida. Return the item to her to accomplish the task.

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