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Discovering Soul Speed and How to Obtain it in Minecraft

The huge variety of enchantments in Minecraft dramatically affects the game depending on which ones you use and what items you place them on. Soul Speed is one that few people consider because it has only one use. Here’s what the Soul Speed enchantment does and how to earn it in Minecraft.

What is Minecraft’s Soul Speed enchantment?

In Minecraft, the Soul Speed enchantment is an extremely specialized trait. All it does is improve your walking pace on Soul Sand or Soul Soil, so instead of slowing you down, you travel quicker. These are blocks that emerge naturally in The Nether and slow you down when you step on them. They may be found in the Soul Sand Valley and Soul Sand Valley biomes.

Soul Speed is divided into three tiers. Each one adds to the speed boost you get when walking on these blocks. When you tread on each Soul block, the durability of your Boots has a very small chance of decreasing.

You may install Carpet over top of the Soul block and still obtain the Soul Speed bonuses. Only on Java can you keep the performance increase on top of Slabs.

In Minecraft, how can you gain the Soul Speed enchantment?

Only in The Nether may you obtain the Soul Speed enchantment. It cannot be obtained via fishing, trading with a Villager, or using an Enchantment Table. It may be found in Chests in Bastion Remnants. Aside from that, you must obtain it from Piglins. They can spawn with Gold Boots with the upgrade attached, or they can be bartered for Gold Ingots. The Piglin may drop Boots or an Enchantment Book with the Soul Speed enchantment.

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