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Discover the Release Date for Ravenbound!

Ravenbound is an open world action-role-playing game based on Scandinavian traditional stories. Valt’s dark realm can only be conquered by those with a unique talent. This guidance will tell you when you can use this ability to transform into a raven when Ravenbound is released, so you can plan accordingly.

When will Ravenbound be released?

Ravenbound will be available on Steam for Windows on March 30. The game will only be accessible on Windows, so it will not be available on consoles. Avalanche Studios has stated that it is working on a high-quality version of the game for PC and has no intentions to introduce it to other platforms. While this is the situation at the time of writing, things can change, and a console version of Ravenbound may one day be released, but it will not be released alongside the Computer version.

In Ravenbound, what do you do?

In Ravenbound, you take on the role of a Vessel. The Raven resides within you, a force forged by the gods to aid in the destruction of all evil in the regions. Monsters endanger your life, and you will perish repeatedly as you battle them in the open world. Death, on the other hand, will not deter you. When you perish, you will resume and be able to fight your enemies again. The Raven’s ability enables you to change into a raven and fly between key regions to eliminate large groups of enemies and difficult bosses.

All of the creatures in Ravenbound are inspired by Scandinavian traditional stories. This adds to the mystique as you journey. As you discover and acquire armor and weaponry from foes, you’ll be able to customize your character. The deckbuilding mechanic enables you to modify your construct as you advance, including powers. Each run will teach you something new about the universe and provide you with more cards to use in future tries.

The goal of the game is to gain strength through numerous runs until you can create a Vessel powerful enough to rid the world of the evil that afflicts it. This will not be simple, but by the conclusion of the game, you will feel as if you have conquered every threat and nothing can stop you.

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