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Discover the Meaning of Copium: The Fascinating Word Taking the Internet by Storm

Copium is a sarcastic phrase with a long history in politics, sports, and gaming that is frequently used in Twitch discussions and on Reddit. It’s an intriguing and amusing way of conveying that someone is deceiving himself and using faulty logic in their thinking. Though rapper Keak da Sneak coined the phrase in 2002, it became a widespread aspect of internet culture during the 2020 American presidential election, with all sides of the political spectrum using it to criticize each other.

What is the meaning of Copium on Twitch and Reddit?

Copium is derived from the terms cope (the process of attempting to overcome something) and opium (a drug). For a long time, the term “cope” has been used to describe persons who obtain incorrect conclusions through illogical cognitive processes. When this occurs, it is common to state that they are dealing with their problem.

By coining the term “copium,” users are able to compare the act of coping with the usage of a drug. Some individuals require it to survive, and it is addicting.

It is most commonly used to warn someone that their reasoning for their different low points or losses is incorrect, as their reasons are generally harsh and illogical. This is why the phrase is so prevalent in politics, sports, and gaming, because you can refer to someone as being “on that copium” when they find extreme justifications for their defeat.

The word gained popularity during the 2020 American election, when left-leaning individuals used it frequently to mock right-leaning voters who couldn’t accept the results. Following that, it was frequently used in Twitch discussions when a broadcaster lost a game and discovered extreme reasons for their loss that were not due to a lack of talent.

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