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Discover the Dark Side: Is it Possible to Play as an Evil Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy?

When playing an RPG, you want to feel as engrossed as possible in your character. You are the one making the decisions, thus you should be the one deciding which course they go. In Hogwarts Legacy, you’d like to think you’re creating the witch or wizard you’ve always wanted to be after receiving an admission letter from an owl to the school of witchcraft and wizardry. That being said, is it possible to be bad in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, can you become an evil witch or wizard?

Unfortunately, while we believe Hogwarts Legacy is a wonderful and enjoyable game, the RPG components can be disappointing. While you may build your own character and make numerous choices throughout the game, you won’t be able to deviate much from the pre-determined plot route. We have yet to see an example of your character genuinely becoming wicked in our playthroughs; they can only make snarky remarks to other people in dialogue. Despite the fact that Avada Kedavra is a spell in the game, there is no indication that you may become an earlier version of Voldemort.

It’s a little unfortunate that Hogwarts Legacy lacks a morality system. It would be fantastic to be able to carve your own path at this institution. That being said, being able to freely wander the castle grounds and interact with many of the areas features is a significant advance over the franchise’s previous video game offerings. Hopefully, in the future, we will have a more specialized roleplaying game with even more flexibility.

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