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Discover if FOV Slider is Available in Atomic Heart

Fans of shooting games have become accustomed to a certain level of quality in recent years. Every PC game released in the last several years has included a FOV slider that players may adjust to match their display. Atomic Heart is a shooting game by conventional measures, despite the fact that it is entirely single-player. You’ll need to see them when they return for round two since you’ll be fighting hundreds of robots left and right that may resurrect. Is there a FOV slider in Atomic Heart for PC users with incredibly wide screens? The solution is provided below.

Is a FOV slider available in Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart, unfortunately, lacks a FOV slider. PC gamers will be trapped at this low FOV until they utilize additional software or alter the game’s files to address the problem. Atomic Heart’s FOV appears to be roughly 80 degrees.

This may be quite harmful in some of the most difficult bouts that Atomic Heart will throw at you. After you’ve discovered the game’s vast universe, robots will be able to be resurrected by smaller, maintenance robots. Due to the narrow FOV, if you are battling another robot when these maintenance support opponents appear, you may miss them.

The game’s backend issues are not limited to FOV sliders; PC plates will also suffer as a result of mouse acceleration and lack ray tracing. Mouse acceleration is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. This implies that you will most likely miss your shots since your aim will change too much. At the very least, Jensen Ackles was in the trailer.

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