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Digital Downloads Dominate 2022 Game Sales: Over 70% of Sales Made Online!

As the end of the year approaches, statisticians at NewZoo are looking back over the previous year to identify trends, facts, and figures in gaming, retail, pricing, sales, and player behavior – and a new study from the statisticians at NewZoo offers some intriguing reading.

According to NewZoo, the worldwide gaming market is worth a whopping $184.4 billion USD. This accounts for nearly all PC, console, and mobile game sales. It should also be emphasized that this already amazing statistic excludes Nintendo game sales, since the publisher has always been rather reticent about disclosing its own bottom line.

The entire market value was $51.8 billion, with console games accounting for $51.8 billion, downloaded/boxed PC titles accounting for $38.2 billion, and browser-based PC games accounting for $2.3 billion. Of course, mobile gaming dominates, accounting for $92.2 billion in total revenue. This industry was headed by the continuous domination of titles like TiMi Studios’ Honor of Kings and PUBG Corporation’s PUBG Mobile, which continue to generate billions of dollars from the worldwide market year after year.

When it comes to console gaming, digital downloads accounted for around 72% of all game sales, with physical releases accounting for the remaining 28%. This maintains a pattern that we have seen for many years, with more and more customers choosing for digital game purchases over boxed versions with each passing year. Again, this statistic excludes Nintendo Switch software, which may be the last true stronghold of high-street retail game purchases.

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