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The Ultimate Guide: How to Defeat the Butcher in Diablo IV

Diablo IV has a plethora of foes for you to battle. Some of them are readily defeated, while others will not go down without a struggle. However, the one creature you need to watch out for is the Butcher. That’s right, the famous monster appears in the newest chapter of the series, and he can immediately send you to your tomb. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to vanquish the Butcher in Diablo IV.

In Diablo IV, how do you locate and vanquish the Butcher?

The first thing to know is that the Butcher does not have a particular spawn point. Instead, the monster will emerge at random within a Dungeon. While you’re battling the enemies, he can materialize in any area. As a result, you must always be prepared. Don’t fear; he won’t show outside of the Dungeons, allowing you to freely explore the world. At least, this is how it appears in the game’s test edition. Furthermore, the Butcher will not emerge until you have achieved level ten.

When the Butcher enters the area, you’ll realize he has significantly more HP than you. Even though he will appear at the same level as you, you will not be able to defeat him. As a result, you should avoid battling him because a single strike from the Butcher can deplete a large portion of your character’s vitality. Instead, you should sprint toward the exit of the chamber while keeping an eye out for the Butcher. When you leave the chamber, the Butcher will remain frozen in the entryway. You can then strike him with all your might without fear of being struck in return.

After a while, the Butcher will be killed, and his body will contain top-tier loot, Gold, and experience points.

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