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Diablo 4 Makes Fashion Statement at Milan Fashion Week as Devil Wears Prada

Blizzard has won the award for most unusual collaboration by permitting its highly anticipated title Diablo 4 to walk the runway at Milan Fashion Week. The game developer collaborated with the Copenhagen fashion firm Han Kjbenhavn to create an outfit inspired by Diablo 4’s dark worlds of Sanctuary and Conflict.

Jannik Wikkels Davidsen, Han Kjbenhavn’s founder and artistic developer, spoke with entertainment website NME about the creation process for a piece inspired by Diablo 4. The fashion designer was inspired by the conflict of emotions and the beauty of darkness to reflect the voyage within Diablo, as well as their own experience as a fan who previously played the game.

The most difficult aspect of the collaboration, according to Jannik, was ensuring that the piece still fit in at Milan Fashion Week. The outfit appears to have hit the mark, as it looks precisely like something Diablo 4’s primary villain Lilith would slay the runway in. The fashion studio will continue to collaborate with Blizzard to make clothing for fans that can be worn in everyday life based on the essence of this piece.

Diablo 4 is only a few months away, releasing on June 5 for consoles and Desktop. The first open beta will begin late next month, providing fans with their first formal taste of what Blizzard has been working on. Let’s hope this Milan Fashion Week outfit appears as an option for characters to wear during the developer’s recently unveiled customized cutscenes.

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